Jun 11 -

Opening Hook
You remind me of a ceiling
so high so high
you remind me of a feeling
so high so high

A birds eye view
me time you
equals you’re,
my equal babe

Opening verse:
you’re affecting me
I made that up

so what would you call this
what should be call this ?
no really


Closing verse:
You fluctuate my thoughts
people think I’m off
everybody’s right
and we really are?

you’re my favorite memory I’m touching
You’re the sky whens theres nothing



Artwork by Andre Power
Written & Arranged by: Emmanuel “∂eƒ sound” Ricketts
Produced by: Brook D’Leau (of J*Davey)
Inspired by: The thought of my eyes as a projector, Bilal, That MmmmHmmm, white leather couches, feeling alone, and missing someone I never met.
Recorded by: Brook D’Leau
Mixed by: Brook D’Leau
Mastered by Nevin Thomas